Top Questions Women May Ask When Looking for Sober Housing

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Looking for sober housing? We have listed the top questioned asked by women according to a survey we conducted of locations on our website:

    How many people live in the house?
    What services are offered?
    How is the program structured?
    How long does someone need to be in recovery before moving in?
    Are there blackout periods?
    Is therapy required?
    How can I pay for my housing?
    What is the drug screening policy?
    What is the policy if a resident relapses?
    What amenities or benefits are offered?
    How strict is the residence? Are you allowed to date? Do you have a curfew? What are the people like who live there now? Are you staying long term or short term? Do you need to bring furniture or is it furnished? If you’re on medication, do they allow medication?

Please refer to this list when you call a sober living location so that you can be better prepared before making your decision on whether or not to move in.