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Sisters Of Amazing Recoveries, LLC (S.O.A.R.)

  • 1011 S. Arlington Avenue
  • Reno, NV - 89509
  • p: 775-323-1030

  • About Sisters Of Amazing Recoveries, LLC (S.O.A.R.)

    Sisters Of Amazing Recoveries, LLC (S.O.A.R.) located in Reno, NV provides sober housing for women.

    Detailed description details:

    One of the biggest challenges facing women today (after completing a 30 day treatment program) is the lack of residential homes with emphasis on life skills needed to slowly transition from an addictive lifestyle to one of sobriety and responsibility.

    We, at Sisters of Amazing Recoveries (a.k.a. SOAR) are a 4-6 month Residential Extended Care Program accommodating women coming out of treatment and/or have been detoxed a minimum of 7 days from a medical facility.

    We provide a safe and comfortable home supported by peers who share the same desire to stay clean and sober.Where relapse is still a main concern, our primary focus is to help our residents get the head start needed to live a fulfilling life without the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

    Many addicts/alcoholics have found that in order to have the best environment for recovery is to separate themselves from the triggers and stressors of life, even if it means relocation or admission to an out-of-state program.

    Our regular fee, which includes room/board in a safe and sober environment, 24-hour supervision, 3 meals/day, random drug testing/urinalysis, and a weekly individual and group psychotherapy with a Certified Alcohol and Drugs Counselor is $6000 for 90 days, the equivalent to $66.00 / day, a lot cheaper than a daily hotel room rate and 3 meals.

    SOAR is a private pay facility and we DO NOT accept insurance. We accept private payment with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as well as personal checks. Please feel free to contact us any time for information regarding admissions, fees and availability. See below for available payment options:

    All DEPOSITS are non-refundable * Option 1: $6000A pre-payment of $2500 is required on the day of admission.$2000/month for each of the first 2 months. 3rd and 4th months, the standard fee drops to $1000/month.Month 1: $1000 (DEPOSIT) * (+) $1000 (1st 30 days) = $2000Month 2: $2000Month 3: $1000Month 4: $1000 OPTION 2: $5000A pre-payment of $2500 is required on the day of admission.Month 1: $1500 (DEPOSIT) *(+) $1000 (1st 30 days) = $2500Month 2: $2000Month 3: $500Month 4: --- OPTION 3: $ 4000

    A pre-payment of $3000 is required on the day of admission.Month 1: $2000 (DEPOSIT) * (+) $1000 (1st 30 days) = $3000Month 2: $500Month 3: $500Month 4: --- OPTION 4: Prompt Payment Discount

    * NOTE that we are unable to offer this discount when fees are paid by credit cardSisters Of Amazing Recoveries offers a 5% discount to those who pay their account (for the entire 4-month program) in full upon admission. Included in the discounted fee is a DEPOSIT of $1000 and will be applied to the total amount. Many find it convenient to exercise this option.If a resident requires more than 4 months, the family or financial sponsor is asked to pay for the next month(s) at the full fee of $1000/ month thereafter.

    Automatic Payment Plan:As a convenience to the financial sponsor, and those who would like to have their monthly payment deducted from their checking account, savings account, debit / credit cards, SOAR offers an Automatic Payment option. Many like this option because it saves time and postage and eliminates late payments of $25/month.

    We will continue to send a statement each month so that the activity on the account (for the prior month) may be review.We encourage you to contact our admissions team for more specific information regarding financial assistance.

    Pricing options are flexible and all inquiries are handled on a case by case basis.In order to interview for admittance, you must meet some basic requirements: Be at least 21 years of ageHave at least 30 consecutive days of sobriety,Recently out of a 30-day drug and alcohol treatment program or 7-10 days detox (will have first consideration)

    Be working a 12-step based recovery programDOES NOT have a history of violenceHAVE NOT been convicted or charged with a sex offenseNOT be involved in treatment for any diagnosed sex addictionHave basic self-care skillsHave NO limiting conditionsCan adhere to "House Guidelines, Rules and Expectations"Able to work full time, part time or go to schoolAble to volunteer (depending on situation/circumstance & MUST be staff approved)Office hours: Monday-Friday (9:00am - 5:00pm)

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    Attention We cannot guarantee the sober housing costs to be completely accurate. They are displayed for informational purposes for our users. We have compiled prices provided by users and online research. In order to obtain actual costs please contact Sisters Of Amazing Recoveries, LLC (S.O.A.R.) directly.

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